Wellness by Cahuenga Pet Hospital

Get More. Spend Less.

It is a common misconception that our Pet Wellness plans are pet insurance.

Our Wellness Plans are an annual healthcare package with all the necessary preventive services bundled together into one convenient and affordable plan that can be divided into 12 easy monthly payments. In addition, as a Wellness Plan member, you will receive up to a 20% discount on professional services and products that are not included in the plan.

Fill out our Wellness Plan Form and we’ll schedule your free pet exam and consultation with our veterinarian. During your visit, you can also discuss our Wellness Plan options with the veterinarian and select the best plan for your pet!

Every CPH Wellness Plan Includes:

Comprehensive Physical Exams
Routine Vaccinations
Products & Service Discounts
Unlimited Office Visits
Diagnostic Testing
Affordable Monthly Payments

Prevention is the best medicine!

All Recommended Vaccines

Cahuenga Pet Hospital offers Pet Wellness Plans for puppies, kittens, and adult pets that include all doctor recommended vaccinations. While law requires only rabies vaccinations, our doctors recommend other important vaccinations that will keep your pet protected from serious diseases. All doctor recommended vaccinations will be discussed with you during your pet’s regular wellness exams. Also, our front desk staff or our automated system will remind you when next series of vaccination is due.

Better than Insurance

You will find major differences in pet insurance and our pet wellness plans. In short, CPH Wellness Plans offering wide range of services that will prevent your pet to develop possible illnesses, while pet insurance will provide coverage only when your pet will get hurt or become sick. Wellness plan will allow you to prevent health problems before they occur, and actually use it all year-round, not to mention that our plan usually cost less than pet insurance. Below are a few factors to look for when you decide to insure your pet:

How much of the treatment cost will you have to pay?
Will the policy pay for chronic conditions and for how long?
Can you use the veterinarian of your choice?
Will you get a discount if you insure more than one pet?
How long it will take to receive a payment after your claim is received?
Will the premium stay the same, or will it increase when your pet gets older?

Unlimited Free Office Visits

In addition to the other services, when you enroll in one of our Wellness Plans, you are entitled to unlimited free office visits. This affordable wellness plan will help you to keep your companion happy and healthy for many years to come.

Your Next Vet Visit Could Be Absolutely FREE!

And the rewards can be big, both for you and for your pet. If you would like to learn more about all of CPH’s Pet Wellness plans, please click on the buttons below to find out how you can bundle all of your pet’s preventive healthcare needs into one affordable package*!

*Pet must be healthy and at least 8-weeks of age to enroll.

Empower Your Pet’s Life with a Wellness Plan

Fill out our Wellness Plan Form and we’ll schedule your pet’s Free Exam and Consultation with our veterinarian. During your visit you will be able to discuss and choose the right Wellness Plan option for your pet.