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Contact & Pet Information

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Authorized Person:

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Agreement Terms

This Boarding Agreement serves as a legally binding document between Pet Owner and Pulse Animal Medical Center, Inc., DBA Cahuenga Pet Hospital for 1 (one) year. At the end of each term, this agreement will automatically renew for another year, so long as neither party gives written notice of non-renewal to the other party at least 30 days prior to the last day of the term. Pulse Animal Medical Center, Inc., DBA Cahuenga Pet Hospital reserves the right to cancel this Agreement at any time for any reason.

VACCINATIONS: For your pet's protection and the protection of all our boarding and hospitalized pets, we REQUIRE that our staff veterinarian examine your pet(s) and that all imperative vaccinations and fecal tests are current. Unless proof of vaccinations/tests is available upon admission, necessary vaccinations/tests will be performed at the owner's expense.

EXTERNAL/INTERNAL PARASITES: We ask that pets be clean and free of external and internal parasites (fleas, ticks, etc.). If your pet enters with either internal or external parasites, we will provide treatment for your pet at your expense.

BATHING: Should it become necessary to bathe your pet, we will attempt to contact you for permission, however in the event that we are unable to reach you and it is determined that a clean-up bath is necessary, we will bathe your pet and an additional amount will be added to your bill. Please note that a clean-up bath is for sanitation purposes only and not substitute for regular bath.

PERSONAL ITEMS: Please do not bring items with your pet; we cannot accept any personal belongings such as bedding, food bowls, or toys. All these items are provided for your pet at no additional cost to you. In some cases, it may be possible for you to leave a favorite toy for your pet to use during “playtime” if you have selected playtime/exercise sessions for your pet.

COMMUNICABLE DISEASES: All pets coming into the hospital are fully vaccinated; however, it is still possible for a pet to become ill, even if vaccinated. This is not due to any circumstance or condition at Cahuenga Pet Hospital and you agree that you will not hold Pulse Animal Medical Center, Inc., DBA Cahuenga Pet Hospital and its employees liable in the event your pet becomes ill.

BOARDING HOURS: Drop off and pick up times are from:
8:30am - 5:00pm Monday-Friday
8:30am - 12:30pm Saturday
We are closed Sundays and Holidays
Drop off and pick up must take place only during regular office hours.

DAY CARE: Day care is by appointment only and current vaccination records are required.


By checking "yes" I acknowledge that I have read all of the above information.

Additional Services

Please indicate if you would like any additional procedures done during your pet's stay with us (check all that apply):
Bath (clean ears, anal glands, and nail trim included)Bath/Clean-UpNail Trim OnlyPlaytime/Exercise

Would you like your pet examined during their visit?
Routine ExamSick ExamWellness ExamNo Exam

Does your pet need routine medications during their visit?
Frontline SingleFrontline 3 pkFrontline 6 pkAdvantage 6 pkAdvantage 12pk

Medications & Examinations


Is your pet currently on any medication?

*Please note: there is an additional fee of $6.47 per day to administer medications. You must bring all medications with you for administration or we will charge appropriately for using our in-house pharmacy.


By checking "yes" I acknowledge that I have read the above information and accept the additional fees incurred for medicating my pet as necessary.


By checking "yes" I acknowledge that I understand that any problems requiring a Veterinarian's attention will result in my being charged an examination fee plus any additional fees for treatment and medications.

Food Instructions

We feed all of our pet's with Hill's Diet unless you provide an alternative food.

I am supplying my pet's dietPlease feed Hill's Diet

*Food must be packaged in individual Ziploc bags with the pet's name and time of feeding clearly written on the outside of each bag.
**If your pet is on a prescription food, you will need to provide enough food for the duration of your pet's stay.

Boarding Consent

I am the owner or agent for the owner of the described animal and have the authority to execute this consent.
I understand that I assume total financial responsibility for all services rendered and any and all collection fees.
If my pet(s) are not picked up on the agreed upon date, I hereby authorize you to continue to provide the daily services set forth in this agreement and that I assume all financial charges for these additional services.
In the event of abandoning my pet, I hereby authorize Pulse Animal Medical Center, Inc., DBA Cahuenga Pet Hospital to humanely dispose of such pet ten (10) days after written notice of such abandonment is sent to the owner's address.
To the best of my knowledge my pet has no illness or behavioral problem (including aggressive or biting behavior) that has not been disclosed to you in writing.
I realize that if my pet will show aggressive behavior at the time of boarding admission or any time thereafter while boarding he/she will be categorized as an “Aggressive Pet”, and the boarding fee for my pet will be a double normal boarding fee.
I understand and am aware that veterinary service is provided after business hours as necessary in the judgment of the veterinarian in charge, and continuous presence of qualified personnel may not be provided at all times.
I hereby agree to release Pulse Animal Medical Center, Inc., DBA Cahuenga Pet Hospital from any liability for illness, injury, loss, or death of my pet from any cause other than their negligent acts or omissions.


By checking "yes" I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and authorize this entire consent form.

Emergencies: In the event that I am out of town or unable to be reached by phone and my pet(s) need(s) immediate medical attention and/or should require after hours care/monitoring, I hereby authorize Pulse Animal Medical Center, Inc., DBA Cahuenga Pet Hospital and all its affiliates to make any/all medical decisions regarding the care of my pet(s). I understand that all reasonable attempts will be made to contact me or an authorized person before initiating treatment. I understand that I will be responsible for payment of all services performed and payment in full will be due at the originally scheduled pick up date.

Payment and Deposit: Payment in full must be made at the time of boarding. In order to secure your boarding reservation during holiday seasons (Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years), a non-refundable 50% advance deposit is required.


By checking "yes" I acknowledge and accept the Payment & Deposit policy.

Cancellation Policy: No refund will be given unless we receive 24 hours’ cancellation notice for non-holiday reservations and 7 (seven) days notice for holiday reservations. The fee for canceling without proper notice is $50 or half the amount of the nights reserved, whichever is less. Please Note: Deposit for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s reservations is non-refundable.


By checking "yes" I acknowledge and accept the Cancellation Policy.

Early Departure and Late Arrivals: You will be financially responsible for the entire time scheduled. There are no discounts or refunds for early departure or late arrivals.


By checking "yes" I acknowledge and accept the Early Departure and Late Arrivals policy.

Medical Care Authorization

I authorize medical care for my pet up to the amount listed below, until I can be reached.I do not authorize any treatment for my pet until I can be reached.

By typing your name below and submitting this form, you acknowledge that all information on this form is accurate, and you agree to the terms laid out in the agreement.


We look forward to having your pet stay with us. We will do all we can to make his/her stay as pleasant as possible!