Comprehensive Examination

Your pet’s overall health begins with a thorough physical examination. Your veterinarian can then evaluate if there are any abnormalities or potential health issues of concern. At Cahuenga Pet Hospital, we believe in a preventative approach to veterinary care. That’s why scheduling a comprehensive wellness exam is so important. If conditions that put your pet’s health at risk are detected early, treatment is likely to have a higher rate of success and be less invasive…

We evaluate every aspect of your pet’s physical health, including dental, cardiovascular, respiratory, and more. Life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease, cancers, and more, can be brought under control with early intervention. The onset of issues such as periodontal disease or joint problems can be managed, adding years to your pet’s life and release from discomfort or pain. To keep your beloved pet in the best health possible, take a look at our Wellness Plans, which include periodic, comprehensive physical exams. Below is a list of what our physical exams entail:

  • Gastrointestinal System Evaluation
  • Cardiovascular System Evaluation
  • Weight & Nutritional Counseling
  • Respiratory System Evaluation
  • Musculoskeletal Evaluation
  • Nervous System Evaluation
  • Urinary System Evaluation
  • Teeth & Gums Evaluation
  • Coat & Skin Evaluation
  • Rectal Exam
  • Ear Exam
  • Eye Exam

Along with your pet’s physical exam, your veterinarian will ask for information on any past illnesses or conditions your pet might have experienced, or issues of concern you feel need attention. This knowledge is instrumental in evaluating possible medical treatment, or how maintenance programs might be utilized to establish continued health for your pet going forward.