Hospital Features

Digital X-Ray

Cahuenga Pet Hospital uses one of the best DR digital x-ray equipment which is fundamental part of our hospital that gives us quick results and used in treatment plans such as dental care, surgery, and internal medicine. Similar to human medicine, this diagnostic tool provide us with a high quality image, and most importantly high speed, that our patients appreciate the most.

Dental Digital X-Ray

For our dental patients Cahuenga Pet Hospital provides DR Digital X-ray that helps us to obtain images of the teeth and evaluating tooth roots and surrounding bone. Therefore we are able to provide thorough dental care, including preventative dental cleaning, extractions, and minor oral surgery. Dental radiography is safe and completely painless, but sedation or anesthesia may be needed in order to correctly position your pet for this very important procedure.

ECG (Electrocardiogram)

Some animals are predisposed to an increased risk of heart problems and should be screened for these abnormalities. Heart problems are first diagnosed by the doctor listening to your pet’s heart, and according to doctor findings an ECG test may be prescribed. If your pet’s ECG indicates an abnormality, we will discuss with you the options for treatment.

In- House Laboratory

Cahuenga Pet Hospital has in-house laboratory, which is a very essential diagnostic tool for diagnose and monitor your pet’s health. Most of the routine labs work, such as Pre-op Blood Screening, Routine Blood, Urine, Fecal Testing, etc., are done in-house laboratory. More extensive lab work will be sent to IDEXX – one of the finest diagnostic laboratories in the country, to analyze your pet’s fluid or tissue samples. By working with IDEXX specialists we can ensure that your pet will always receive precise diagnostic results as soon as they are needed. We are dedicated to offer complete laboratory services to aid in the diagnosis of your pet’s health problem.

In-House Pet Pharmacy

It’s very important that your veterinarian has a complete supply of all medications commonly used in veterinary medicine. At Cahuenga Pet Hospital we have a fully equipped in-house pharmacy; this allows you to take your pet’s medication home after your appointment. When you need a refill on a prescription for your pet, you can call our front desk at 323-462-0660 or request a refill. We will notify you when your pet’s medication is ready for pick up. We want you to have healthy pets!

Therapeutic Laser

At Cahuenga Pet Hospital we use MLS Harmony Therapy Laser quite often. It reduces inflammation, increases mobility, helps with chronic and acute pain, and repairing superficial lesions. As a result, laser therapy provides the benefit clients will appreciate the most – a quicker recovery for their pet.

Veterinary Endoscopy

Endoscopy is one of many advances in veterinary medicine that offers a non-surgical option for difficult to diagnose cases. By using flexible fiber-optic scope we are able to evaluate the health of the esophagus, stomach, small intestines, and colon. It’s also allowing us to obtain biopsies if something unusual is suspected, and to remove foreign body from the esophagus and stomach. General anesthesia is required for this procedure.

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