Kitten Wellness Plans

For Kittens Up To 6 Months of Age

The Importance of the Wellness Plan

Preventative pet healthcare is one of the most important aspects of keeping your kitten healthy, and it should be focused on the health and well-being of your kitten. Our Wellness Plans can offer you both.

Choose the Best Wellness Plan for Your kitten

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After a thorough physical examination, our veterinarian will recommend an appropriate wellness plan for your cat. For help or questions regarding your cat health please email us or call us at (323) 462- 0660.

Wellness Plan Packages

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Parasite Control Option

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*All plans have a yearly membership fee of $49.95.

Wellness Plan Services

Essential Care


A plan that covers all of the basics to help your pet stay happy and healthy. Also, this plan features budget-friendly monthly payments – making it easy to manage your pet’s healthcare costs.

Proactive Care


A more comprehensive plan that provides your pet with all of the essentials and other important additional services and screenings to ensure your pet stays healthy. Also, this plan features budget-friendly monthly payments – making it easy to manage your pet’s healthcare costs.  

Premier Care


A plan that provides all of the essential and proactive care benefits plus other important additional services and screenings to keep your pet’s at their best. Also, this plan features budget-friendly monthly payments – making it easy to manage your pet’s healthcare costs.  

VIP Care


This plan provides all of the essential, proactive, and premier care benefits with more additional services and screenings to ensure your pet lives a comfortable and healthy life. Also, this plan features budget-friendly monthly payments – making it easy to manage your pet’s healthcare costs.

Wellness Exam (2x/year)


This in-depth evaluation is the most important part of your visit. It allows track your kitten’s overall health and to identify potential medical problems. Your kitten’s wellness exam includes:


  • • Appearance Evaluation
  • • Cardiovascular Evaluation
  • • Gastrointestinal Evaluation
  • • Musculoskeletal Evaluation
  • • Neurological Evaluation
  • • Coat & Skin Evaluation
  • • Respiratory Evaluation
  • • Urogenital Evaluation
  • • Nutritional Counseling
  • • Weight Evaluation
  • • Dental Exam
  • • Ears Exam
  • • Eyes Exam



Preventive core vaccinations are vital to all pets based on the risk of exposure and have been considered one of the best and easiest ways to prevent many diseases and infections that can affect your kitten health. Your veterinarian will determine a vaccination schedule, so your kitten can live a long and healthy life.


    • • Feline Distemper (3x)
    • • Feline Rhinotracheitis (3x)
    • • Feline Calicivirus (3x)
    • • Rabies (1x)


*All core vaccines are included in your plan. Your veterinarian may recommend additional vaccinations that are not included.

Diagnostic Testing


Diagnostic testing is routinely recommended and can help your veterinarian to identify disease, parasites, and infections before it became a serious health issue.


  • • Ear swab and Microscopic Exam
  • • Feline Leukemia/FIV Test
  • • Feline Heartworm Test*


*As recommended

Fecal Exam (3x)


Routine fecal exams allow your veterinarian to check your pet for intestinal parasites and determine the right treatment option.

Deworming (4x)


Wellness plans include necessary treatments for various parasites like Roundworms, Hookworms, and other intestinal organisms that can infect your kitten intestinal tract and cause disease.

Unlimited Office Visits


Don’t delay your visit to a veterinarian if you have a concern about your pet’s health. Unlimited Office visits are included in your pet’s Wellness Plan.


* Appointment is required. Specialist consultation and emergency exam excluded.

Additional Discounts


Wellness Plan membership will help you save even more on other veterinary services and products your kitten may need. Additional discounts include:


  • • Most services that are not included in your wellness plan
  • • Most products, including medicated shampoos and vitamins
  • • All parasite preventives, including new Frontline Plus
  • • All OTC medications, including prescriptions
  • • $15 Enrollment fee discount for multiple pets

Essential Care

Dental Cleaning (1x)


Professional teeth cleaning prevent serious infection, tooth loss, pain and the potential for heart and kidney disease. We always thoroughly assess your cat’s health before administering anesthesia for any dental procedure.


  •  Pre-anesthetic blood testing
  •  Complete blood count
  •  Internal organ screens
  •  Electrolytes
  •  Blood pressure check
  •  General anesthesia
  •  Pain medication*


* You may be advised by your veterinarian to take home additional medication for your pet that is not included in the plan.

Proactive & Premier Care

Dental Cleaning (1x)


Professional dental cleaning prevents infection, bad breath, gum disease, pain, and tooth loss. Since a professional dental cleaning can be performed only under general anesthesia, your pet’s overall health will be assessed before general anesthesia administration. Your pet dental cleaning includes:


  •  Pre-Surgical Blood Test
  •  Pre-Anesthetic Sedation
  •  General Anesthesia
  •  I.V. Fluids & Monitoring
  •  Dental Prophy
  •  Dental Polishing
  •  Fluroide Gel Treatment
  •  Hospitalizations & Nursing Care
  •  Antibiotic Injection*
  •  Pain Relief Injection*


* As recommended by veterinarian. Dental cleaning does not include dental x-rays and extractions. Additional fee may apply. You may be advised to take home additional medication that is not included in the plan.

Urinalysis (1x)


This examination helps us detect infections, dehydration and disease.

Additional Diagnostic Testing


We take special care to ensure that your cat doesn’t have serious issues like heartworm, thyroid disease, glaucoma or other eye problems.


  • Eye pressure test (2x)
  •  Heartworm test (1)
  •  Thyroid test (1)
  •  Urine Test (for a total of 2x/year)

Electrocardiogram (2 times a year)


Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a diagnostic test that records electrical activity of the heart and often used to evaluate heart rhythm. It may also help to identify abnormalities such as arrhythmia in the heartbeat or enlargement of the heart, a common symptom heart disease.

Preventive Digital X-ray (2 views)


Description to come.

Eye Pressure Test (2 views)


Eye Pressure Test is the measurement of pressure within the eye to diagnose glaucoma. Abnormally high pressure can damage the optic nerve, and in most cases destroy your pet’s vision.

Blood Pressure Test


High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) can harm many areas of your pet, including the heart, kidneys, eyes, and the nervous system.

Spay/Neuter Surgery*


This recommended procedure minimizes the risk of cancer, prevent overpopulation, and helps your pet live healthier and longer life. Any surgical or anesthetic procedure can pose a risk even for a young pet, that’s why we always thoroughly assess your kitten’s health before anesthesia. Spay or Neuter surgery includes:


  •  Pre-Surgical Blood Test
  •  Pre-Anesthetic Sedation
  •  General Anesthesia
  •  I.V. Fluids & Monitoring-
  •  Hospitalization & Nursing Care
  •  Antibiotic Injection
  •  Pain Relief injection


* Includes antibiotic injection and pain relief injection. Your veterinarian may advise take-home additional medication that is not included.

Parasite Control Option


Cahuenga Pet Hospital offers a large variety of preventive products to protect your pet against fleas, ticks, heartworms, and other parasites that can cause serious and potentially deadly diseases in pets. Your Cahuenga Pet Hospital veterinarian can help you choose the right product for your pet.

Estimated Annual Savings*


Our Pet Wellness Plan is a cost-effective way to help you provide your pet with the best preventative care and substantial annual savings.


*Estimated annual savings based on the assumption that all services are provided. Initial enrollment fee not included.