Nothing is more stressful and heartbreaking than having your pet go missing. When you have your beloved pet micro-chipped through a simple implantation procedure, you’ll have a far greater chance of having your pet returned safe and sound should they be separated from you. With as little discomfort as a regular vaccination shot, a tiny microwave chip containing a personal ID number is implanted between your pet’s shoulder blades. The entire procedure takes no longer than a few seconds, and the chip is only about the size of a grain of rice, causing no discomfort.

Microchipping has been proven the best method for reuniting pets with their owners. Lost pets impounded in animal shelters most often don’t make it home, because owners are unable to identify them. Unfortunately, in many shelters, pets can only be kept for a short period. Though shelters do everything possible to locate owners, without identification, the task is most often impossible.

HomeAgain Microchip product for cats and dogs is the best available on the market. For one reason, it has a patented anti-migration feature that keeps the microchip in place once implanted. This assures it can easily be located and scanned. If your pet goes missing and ends up being taken to a veterinarian or animal shelter, the chip will be scanned for your pet’s unique ID code. Within a short period of time, your contact information will be retrieved and your pet returned safely home again.

For more information on pet micro-chipping please visit HomeAgain, a lost pet’s best chance.