Pet Health Certificates

A certificate of veterinary inspection is a legal regulatory document. If you’re planning to travel with your pet, there are a number of things to keep in mind as you prepare for the trip, including the need for a health certificate. A health certificate proves that your pet is in good health and free of disease, parasites, and any other potentially contagious condition.

Keep in mind that most countries require a valid animal health certificate that is specific to their country for admittance. They also reserve the right to quarantine or refuse entry to any animal that does not have a valid health certificate. Be sure to check the specific vaccination requirements for the country that you will be visiting, as there may be some variations. Also, keep in mind that some countries require recent blood tests as well. If your pet is not found to be healthy, we can discuss your treatment options and recommendations.

With a clean bill of health, Cahuenga Pet Hospital can issue an international or interstate health certificate to allow your pet to travel outside or inside of the United States.

Please Note: You should arrange for the health certificate to be issued within 10 days of your departure date. Be sure to also check your airline’s policy regarding pets, with regard to carriers. We’ll be glad to give you more information about international health certificates over the phone or during your pet’s next visit.